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Anonymous said: Let's suppose FalconCap is a much better book than you believe it will be. What do you want to see in it?


All I’d need from FalconCap to make it better would be for it to not be written by Rick Remender, but if we’re thinking of wish lists:

  • Sam getting the band back together.  Getting Sharon out of Dimension Z or whatever and putting together a homebase intel team of Sharon, Natasha, and Maria.  Working with Nick Fury Jr.  Working with Bucky again, and bringing Bucky back into the Avengers fold.  Spending some time with the Mighty Avengers and getting the recognition they deserve.
  • Sam mentoring Eli Bradley.  A reintroduction of the Bradley Cap legacy.  Sam visiting Isaiah and thanking him.
  • Sam and T’Challa team-up.  Nigh impossible now, with the current Hickman New Avengers happening, but hell to the yes.
  • Zero love interests.  Like.  -2.
  • Sam visiting his old neighborhood.  Sam showing the kids on the street in Harlem what they can grow up to be.  Well-handled commentary on race in New York City and what it’s like to be a hero who comes from a disadvantaged background.
  • Social Worker!Sam doing what he does best, ideally a Sam that takes pride in helping his fellow heroes and civilians using not just his strength, but also his empathy.
  • No “Black Cap Solves Racism” storylines, no racist villains, no Nazis, no slurs.
  • A smart, street-level story with heart.  No aliens, no spies, just Sam Wilson and his team smoking out the bad guys, taking back their streets, kicking ass and taking names.
  • Literally no gross Mr. Miyagi bullshit with Old Man Steve.  Sam knows how to be a hero, he doesn’t need training and he sure as hell doesn’t need to relearn how to do his job.  Don’t change Sam’s personality or his heroic style to fit the Captain America mold.  Let Sam make the cowl his own.
  • Jokes!! Sam Wilson has a sense of humor.  He once talked all the pigeons in Manhattan into shitting on a bad guy, and then pushed him into the East River.  Come on!!!
  • Take advantage of Stuart Immonen on art with handsome Sam!!!

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"I think I’ll, oh wait, I think I’ll just take a map here and now."

“The net worth of the average black household in the United States is $6,314, compared with $110,500 for the average white household, according to 2011 census data. The gap has worsened in the last decade, and the United States now has a greater wealth gap by race than South Africa did during apartheid. (Whites in America on average own almost 18 times as much as blacks; in South Africa in 1970, the ratio was about 15 times.)”



"Oh. I was hoping for a philosophical debate"

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