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if u know ur myers briggs personality type please check this out it is literally the coolest thing ever 

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Free! x Pokemon (Click the images for larger size).

Story of Makoto and Dratini

When Makoto was young, Dratini saved him from drowning. Makoto smiled and said thank you to him; Dratini fell in love(?) with him and started to follow him. (It’s more like imprinting)  

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say those three words and i’m yours

"I am L."

On Belles with Brawn



When my mom hovers over my shoulder to take a peek at my streaming of the CrossFit Games, I can’t help but bite my lip, glancing sideways as her narrowed eyes take in the aesthetics of the crop of the fittest women on Earth. I know she strongly dislikes the bulk the women carry on their biceps, the padding of their traps, the shape of their prominent shoulders and sculpted backs. Her bias, as a modern dancer, is that any muscle that has reached the stage of more-than-toned is ugly, unfeminine, unattractive. I don’t mean to single her out or rag on her opinion, (especially since it affects how she treats me as someone who idolizes these women), because this is our world. Sadly, the majority of people in our society agree with her. 

I used to think I had a healthy opinion on how I looked. I pretended I didn’t care about the newly-formed 10 lb of bulk I’d harnessed because of its function. I was able to overlook my musculature because that’s what made me stronger, capable of doing the things I love, mainly CrossFit. I can climb five ropes, overhead squat 130 and run a mile, no problem. I loved myself for what I could do in spite of my appearance. But shouldn’t I be able to do both? Love me for what I can do, and what enables me to do it? I thought about what our Western-influenced paradigm dictates, and what is often associated with muscle. Picture your typical brawn in its Adonis, DaVincian sculpted perfection. Strength, obviously. Dedication. Good habits. Health. Wealth. Athleticism. Men picking up all the babes on the beach. “Bro, dyel?” Yet put that hunk of muscle on a women? Ugly. Unladylike. Never going to get a boyfriend. Only squatting for an ass. Never going to fit in. A fat woman’s excuse for her weight… Why is that? Why is it when we switch the context of what gender the muscle is on, we go from positive to negative? What’s up with the flip-flop?

And yet there’s an irony in their opinions. There is an often occurrence where on female CrossFitter videos I see people 1) bash for appearance (ExampleShes is a monster. Looks like a man. I’m an old fashioned guy: I like women.), or 2) question whether steroid are in use (Exampleholy hell, that is a woman? xD dude that thing runs on steroidsExampleNatural my arse! Maybe not anabolic but definitely Test on board “prescribed by doctor” so its ok.) Or bothmuscularity and outward strength is by definition a masculine characteristic. That is why these women inject, testosterone, to become better athletes.Testosterone of course being the dominant, male development hormone. Not natural, definately not attractive to a completely straight male. Besides your comma use being horrid, your message is ugly, too. You don’t like what you see, you think it’s offensive, yet you feel the need to take that woman down another few pegs by asking if what they do is legal? If the work they put in is actually their own work? So clearly you admire what they can do, because your jealousy is clear as day (I assume you’re trying to diminish their achievements by saying they’re impossible to reach through your likely uneducated methods), but you cloud it by saying well, she’s ugly anyway, 10/10 wouldn’t bang, who cares.

My conclusion? You don’t want a woman to have that power. You don’t want a woman to fit outside that cookie cutter 1950s housewife mold because that is threatening to you. And your view has leeched not only throughout the majority of the male population, but the female as well. It is so mainstream to the point that women in my life have asked whether it bothers my mom that I’m “wasting” my slim figure. Girl-on-girl hate. (Examplewhat i call this person a female or male or something else.i don’t consider this person as a woman. i don’t know what this thing is.i am calling this person thing thought is that female bodybuilding is opposite the nature. and my mind accept this person is female; Example: these crossfit chicks have bodys like guys which is just not attractive.) You want every single woman to fulfill an impossible and demeaning standard- publicly harass them when they choose not to- and that is not okay. 

There is definitely hope, though. People that spring up to our defenses. People that see the work and effort, the overall goal in attaining what we have started, ourselves, to see as beautiful. Videos and viral ads empowering the actions and bodies of the female sex: Nike, Always. Adidas. Even in my own life. When I was down at the pool, somewhat frantically looking for my very-late brother, I overheard a young mother talking to her son about me. She explained in a hushed voice “Jake, she’s just an athlete” after he had seriously asked whether I was a super hero, his jaw dropped in awe. Super hero? Not quite. Ready to take on your patriarchal bullshit? With pleasure. 

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marvel comics meme - 6/9 artists | Russell Dauterman 

sometimes I feel young because I played oregon trail 2 but then

sometimes I feel young because I played oregon trail 2 but then

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